Physics tennis anyone?


Make room on court for entry
The Jester found some racket
Turbulence took its swipe
Agitation sprung a step

Turn on the machines
Sports tutor get the tower
Fire the atomic spheres
Crank up for expectation

Let all good games begin
Points earned into trust
Points lost 2 point advantage
Zero points gained in love

Deuce in the expression
Scored by terminal fault
Set match for rematch
The rules have changed

Ping pong removed obstacle
Back and forth the sway
Perforations to all deals
Return on asteroid serve.




New Age Turbulence


Grey in silvered, for a sound so rare
Honesty so lacquered, stiff as wired hair
A syrup stolen, a Trump beyond compare
Dichotomy totalitarian, everyone beware

Rich as fruit, slickened in beeswax bliss
Mind your own, pardons, serpentines hiss
Coiled in persecution, judges never miss
Values all forgotten, blind witness to this

Never ending sagas, no Lilly to a pond
All rights bargained, burning every bond
Sliding mirrors, just before a respond
Weaving territory, wave a magic wand

Booming in distance, freckled little noise
Distorted tiny rumbles, beyond little boys
Pounding in motto, the ethic employs
An upcoming wisdom, someone enjoys.

Lesson in TRUTH

(Out of sheer need to create some)
eye-shut-openWe are what we are in seeing
The believing is in that of truth
Truth is a variant of change
Change is the coming of time
Time is the existence of change
Change is the variable of time
Truth is a variable of existence
In time we see change
The truth is we are blind

Time, change, truth and existence
Coming from beyond
How will we know until struck?
It comes from beyond
To meet us in time
Only knowing when we get there

That is the coming of time
Are we open to change?
That will be knowing existence
Open to a variant of truth
Always coming, always changing
Constant in an infinite way

There the truth does not lie
Being ahead of time to answer
We will never know
Until we ask to see more

Faith brings the answers
Running back from time
Calling for the knowledge
We meet later to know
Having to question first

In truth that we are blind
This is where we see
Our faith brings the answers
Knowing to question blindness

The truth reveals itself
Answering where blind
When we see the truth
We question blindness again

The blinking of the eye
The cover on the lense
Shutters and speeds
Always blind and seeing

It should observe itself.

Follow the LOGIC


All the way to the
—————> ENDS
Some kind-a way
To follow

In seeing the point, of following

Such existence to harvest
The nucleus fusion
No confusion over talking

Tried to resistance
The persistence of matter
Circumference a parameter
The boundary formed
Spirals out the fractals

Repeating a parrot fashion
Chic dictatorship in salutes
Uniformed with shiny buttons
Lined smarter soldiers
On guard for terror

Take a back seat drive
Into the mind’s eye
Coded or decoded
FOXP2 in Broca’s Domination

Surrender thy sword
Put down thy gun
The battle of wills
To the end.


To whom it may concern, or not

To whom it may concern or not, tis no concern of mine
The concern is of individual meaning to the self, the I
The I, being the eye of the present holder in beliefs
The one seeing through the eye of perspectives.

The processor of the data going in through the eye
To within, where the present being of I stands
To where the I, of the eye, will project out meaning
The I will project out meaning of individual will.

So to I, with my eyes from where I stand in will
My eyes provide the insight to my concerns
I provide the logic with emotion, to my understanding
What’s to teach me in standing over this?

My perception is nature, conscious of my own,
Conscious yours will differ from mine, or another
So from where I stand, that is the observation
To argue over absolute opinions is folly.

The opinion is based on reasonable understanding
It had thought, deep in processing the meaning
To lie to my eyes, with myself in delusion?
There can never be any common sense made.

Common maybe I am, with the eye of commoner
In the middle seeing all classes of mongrel or pedigree
The human element, far removed from mankind
I see Neanderthals parading as homo sapiens.

My concern is the logic of studying the I or eye
When it does not study itself in honest knowing
How can it know or read I, with emotional barriers?
That being the language I speak in without them.


Why being average is good

It may seem like a strange thing to say or think, but it’s more a deep philosophy from observing life. Staying in the middle and not drifting too far above or below it, something happens in nature, it finds it’s own level of harmony, like water. Not too far into weakness and not too far into greed or dominance, someone can swim. It is much easier to be ethical and conscious, aware of the temptations of greed, and the enemies and envy money attracts. Below average attracts dominance to prey on weakness. I could be both above or below average, there is a choice, I like being in the centre with people. It’s the safest place to find balance and happiness. It is also where a person can take cover, they can be honest, flawed, critical, judged, open, closed, involved, separate, they can be real. They can go to any place and fit in, learn about or from life. There is the most choice in freedom of being average.

A lone wolf can be average, they can talk to anyone on their level, never having to change who they are, they know exactly where they fit. They fit nowhere and everywhere because nowhere stays the same forever, this happens everywhere, they are the most open to change on their own terms. Forever is a constant of change, in the middle holds all the balance in keeping a firm footing. In the middle sees both sides of any story, alone, holding its own perspective looking out.

Being average is good, it was a conscious choice from observing weakness and greed. Power is a big responsibility, I never envy it, envy leads to weakness, why would I envy that? A power contained within is a useful tool for survival, you always know you have it when required. Then people don’t envy a responsibility you own.

Welcome to my school of thought

All my life I have lived in Britain, I am ethnically white and British too. My ancestors & recently deceased relatives have fought and lost loved ones fighting for this country. A Great Aunt drove an ambulance in the last World War, she lost her fiance in that war and never married, nor had children. There was only 1 man she ever loved and he died in the war, fighting for freedom. Every summer holiday I would spend with her in Liverpool, at age 80 she was still talking about the man she loved and never got to be with. They did it ALL FOR BRITAIN. Today in February 2017, I am witness to what they did it all for, NOTHING.

I’ve spent the last year and a half on Twitter, socially promoting different urgent causes, hard for results, all at Westerners in professional high paid jobs. All at data science, growth hacking, artificial intelligence, open data, smart cities, big data – these are the people who invent, design and create technology solutions of the future. Many will be British or European or American, I think there was about 4 0r 5 people who regularly supported helping each other learn. To them I am very grateful for all their efforts and will refrain from naming any names. To the rest, how can I say this? You are a disgrace to your heritages and the people who died to give you freedom and opportunity. But that does not compare to the calibre of parents within the crowd, they are the most disgraceful and irresponsible parents in history. I truly feel sorry for their children. I am not surprised childline is receiving 1/3 growth in calls from children with depression or anxiety, their parents must be totally useless morons. I’ve worked with enough in industry and I see enough when going about my everyday business. Usually on their phones, insisting that what they are doing is REALLY important.

Rather than get angry, I’ll just say it as it is. I tucked my little boy into bed tonight, he’s the sweetest boy in the world and I actually cried when I left the room, he has no idea, he’s just an innocent child. Thinking of the future he has ahead of him, the resources polluted, the wasteful products designed to break, the idiots promoting themselves with cringy smiles, the narcissistic selfie addicts, the preachers, trollers, Trump conversationalists and the general pointless garbage people talk. What is wrong with these people? Why are they so stupid? So selfish? So ignorant? So arrogant? So petty? So pathetic? So bloody weak? Why do they think I care about whatever pointless things they are pushing? Do they have any idea what it is like to live with their madness?  And I think of what to do, do I become the same and never forgive myself? Or just tell them the truth of what I see? Knowing they will probably ignore it anyway and go back to sticking their head in something intellectually embarrassing.

Trusting I’ll find a better solution for the little boy sleeping in the room above my head, sitting heavily on my conscience. Right next to the room where his big sister sleeps. If anyone ever tries selling God to me again, I may actually hit them on behalf of any God. Knowing already any form of God is all nature, look what they did to his world? I’m a human, any punch would not be in error of judgment, more reality hitting back in nature.

To hurt oneself…the logic

Honesty with oneself, a wisdom that takes time when surrounded by logical advice. Honesty is emotion and conscience talking in nature, it goes beyond logic seeing. Can I be honest with myself in conscience? Yes, I can see many things in the light of comparison and shade, when holding myself in comparison to other things with own logic. I can admit to myself I’m average looking, seen better and seen worse. Logically of average intelligence, in emotional probably higher. Definitely, I have an ability to see things others can’t see so fast when reading a situation, it’s called social awareness. Common sense grounds me, it is a strength. My temper is probably the biggest flaw, making for a lack of patience. Determination to understand counter-balances this flaw, with a willingness to learn from rash mistakes. There are things I can do others can’t, there are things others can do that I can’t, that’s ok. In the honesty it’s obvious I’m far from perfect, never will be, yet nature made me this way for its own reasons, who am I to question the logic of that? I don’t know why I was created this way, seems more intelligent to accept it, those were the cards dealt for my existence.

Now, if I were to lament over what I was or was not dealt, that would lead to something in emotion, hurting myself with pain. At that point of logical thinking, there would be no respect for nature, if anything I would be working against nature in harmony. Trying to understand why I was not chosen to be something that I am not, that would lead to madness. For the reality is I was made this way on purpose, the intelligence of why goes beyond me. Yet there is a connection to that intelligence in conscience, I have a conscience, for I can see beyond me in what else has been made consciously of itself. That strength in seeing things faster than others, maybe mine is conscience? For I can see when others are hurting themselves in not being satisfied with what nature designed. Not only are they not satisfied, they will shame others for not being enough also. I will shame another if it’s is not satisfied with me because I too can compare it to something that has other strengths. Conscious this is a hurtful act, but why accept someone attempting to make me resent nature? The respect for nature is a lot greater than any human opinion offering it’s version of intelligence, for nature goes beyond anything they know.

To stand back and outside of oneself in this petty relay of comparisons, there is something else to see. People are not seeing themselves in nature at this point in time. The honesty is not there, neither is the connection to conscience. What is there is a lot of logic about how things do and should work in nature, this is achieved through comparisons of seeing with logic. The result is people end up hurting themselves for not being what is pointed out about what they are not in nature. This creates a wonderful selling tool to market to them on achieving what they are not, so they can feel better for existing. Not an ounce of love in this act of selling, just barbaric control of human emotions. There is not enough that a human could buy to complete them in nature. Yet to accept their conscience as being enough to guide them on why they were created to exist, a solution never taught. As far as my flaws go there is one thing that saves me, I know consciously I can always improve my understanding of why I was created to exist. This is a power and understanding no one can take away, so long as I remain conscious of who I am and what I was intended to be.

Out of any love for humanity, this wisdom and learning is shared for free. To observe people hurting themselves for not being enough, then to kill other humans to buy what they need to be enough in existence, my conscience can’t remain silent. The truth in all honesty, you were already born perfect with the balance of being flawed, only nature knows why. Logic is blind, see it for what it truly is, a human needs healthy emotions to survive. Stop hurting yourself for others, they profit from it, that’s why the world is messed up. The choice is yours in will to respect nature’s design, it comes from within to see beyond the logic seeing. That’s why you have a conscience, you’re metaphysical, nature’s design is amazing.

Blind, beggar or slave in time?

(Brilliant cartoon work by  Medi Belortaja )

The story of Sisyphus in Greek Mythology

Sisyphus was a sinner condemned in Tartarus to an eternity of pushing a boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down again, then have to push it back up. That was the only future he was ever going to know in existence, in penance for his sins.

He was founder and King of Corinth, known as Ephyra before his rule. His reputation expanded in fear of him, for being the most cunning meddler on earth. Towards the end of his life, with all his acquired intelligence, Hades a god from the kingdom of the dead arrived to claim him. Hades brought handcuffs, bemused by observing such a new device, Sisyphus with his natural interest in oppression expressed much interest. Hades, distracted by the meddler’s interest, was persuaded to demonstrate their use on himself. How cunning Sisyphus was to trick a god.

What happened next to Hades? The great lord of the Underworld was entombed in a closet in Sisyphus’s home, like a cocooned moth. Such an act destroyed all balance in nature, no one could die with the god enslaved. Such power resting in the hands of Sisyphus. A soldier could die in battle, yet still arrive home for supper? The immortal weapon was released.

Eventually, Hades was released into the light, taking charge, immediately he summoned the tyrant to complete his eternity in the Underworld. Prior to this Sisyphus had ordered his wife to create propaganda for his release with Persephone, Queen of the Dead. Spotting a loophole in logic, she could raise a complaint that his funeral had not been served with honours. As a figure of prestige, it is only fitting that his burial should occur on the far side of the river Styx, and his wife had not placed a coin under his tongue to ensure safe passage with the ferryman Charon. It was surely an obligation of the Queen of the Dead to address this balance of wrongs? There was obviously no benefits fraud occurring.

Logically this made utter sense and once again Sisyphus was back in the land of the living, untouchable by death. So very pleased with his wit, he forgot all about his dealings, kept calm and carried on in his ways. Then nature combined forces with the Gods sharing stories on him, unaware they wiped him from behind one day. Hades came back with vengeance, he was hauled to an eternity of madness and hard labour. Forever he would be enslaved to push the back breaking boulder up the hill, only to know it would roll back down again.

A pattern that happens often in the field of observation

I’ve been accused many times in my life of being deluded or lying or just causing trouble, those accusations have been fired with a lot of anger. Then followed by verbal attacks on my character, honesty, looks, personal situation, gender, colour, beliefs, material status, relationship status, personal circumstances and age. Only to have the same people later come back to me with either an apology or a casual laughing it off with “we all make mistakes”. Great, thanks a bunch.

Maybe these people should recognise that I can see faster than them and in more detail? In fact, I’ve spent many years educating myself via the arts to observe accurately and in detail with speed. To look at objects, situations, and phenomena in depth, to question in detail how they form and are made up. It is not a case of wanting to be a ‘know it all’, it is a case of being a scholar of the observation. If a person learns the arts properly they should have good instincts for reading a situation quickly and accurately, in order to capture what they are seeing at speed. An artist is not just someone who can draw accurately at speed what they are seeing before them, an artist is quick at observation and capturing much detail. How they record that detail varies according to their emotional, logical and physical abilities. I don’t like to call myself an artist, or a scientist, for I am somewhere between the two consciously. But I do learn via observation, the more I learn, the faster I get at observing. The skill increases in exactly the same way that an athlete works out, they become stronger in their field of discipline.

Yet the field of observation is not actually recognised for what it is. The field is insights, not just analysing data for insights. It is observing data from many different inputs in nature, in order to build a clear bigger picture from all the detail harvested from a wide range of inputs. The bigger picture offering insights will then be more accurate. It should not offend people or upset them, my eyes are merely a camera and my brain the processor of the insights. I do have the ability to detach from what I am seeing and still apply my own personal interpretation. Observing is a skill, sometimes it does take time to catch up to the speed of what someone else is seeing, especially if they have been trained to record detail at speed. This is something we really ought to be teaching in schools, we all record observations at different speeds, with different lenses and varied focus. We never all see the same, there are only outlines, shapes & general details we see in common, we have to point out the specifics of what we capture in honesty and awareness. Otherwise, no one will see them, we will all think that we see the same. We do not.