Naivety & Trust

Here again, deeply dissatisfied, could that feeling get any more predictable?  What’s the point of frustration? It only chokes the potential out of seeing any potential ahead. There’s a river that flows, it’s annoying when people throw their junk in it and other’s speak as though the junk is not there floating and getting in the way. If the junk is left it doesn’t clear itself, it’s annoying that other’s have to clear it up when they should be focusing on more important things. Yet the one’s who dumped it are nowhere to be found, they probably profited from dumping it too. Seems to make them smile that they can get away with it and others would be stupid enough to clear it. Oh to be void of having morals, must be an easy life of emptiness.

What do they see in the mirror those people, the one’s void of morals?
I would love to gain some more insight on how they see themselves and the future of this short-cutting. I would also love to find a work-around for avoiding it all, it really gets on my nerves. Who needs them and what use are they to anyone? Just a pain in the rear, hopeless, useless idiots, preaching about how clever they are to have got somewhere faster. Anyone of sense can see these people are buffoons, we tolerate them out of good will and kindness for humanity. Otherwise, we’d take them out of existence with no regard or morals.

What about naivety and trust?
That topic too is also jarring on my nerves, the forever hopefuls of casting a magic spell over someone blatantly playing a game on their naivety and trust. Must I/we/anyone become involved or be affected by the consequences of these play outs?

What is the answer?
I’ve had enough of tolerating, not up for taking people out, nor for being affected by the reverberations of stupidity or naivety. A simple solution would be good, I’d like to get back to having a life beyond pointless disruption celebrating how to profit quickly by trashing everything of value and integrity.  Easier said than done, at every turn is another trying their luck in profiting quickly. This needs more thought.


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