Honesty in Awareness

What is art? Good art is honesty, in the safe space of art.
What is poetry? Good poetry is honesty, in the safe space of words.
What is science? Good science is honesty, in the safe space of numbers.
What is music? Good music is honesty, in the safe space of sounds.

Clear? Very.

What other kinds of honesty are there in awareness?
There is plain talking, with no planned or defined form. Just for the point of doing it as it comes and flows consciously. As I am doing right now. There is no point to it at all, it flows from somewhere in my brain and out into the world, for other people to consciously pick up if they wish. There is a vibration around that, at this point in time. It is how I am feeling consciously in a way of learning how things work. Consciously I’m feeling what I have been taught doesn’t work for me, how I learn for myself does. This is how I learn, I throw something out consciously and deliberately into the world, what comes back from doing that teaches me something, always. Even if no one responds, reads or pays attention to what I put out to be found or noticed, I still get to read it later. I’m still learning about myself and what I was thinking at a point some time ago. Then I will notice my own changes and variation, I learn myself in a way no one else can understand me. It’s called decoding and unlocking the self into conscious experience, this is what I am learning as I talk. In the expanding of my thoughts comes the unlocking of what I am truly thinking. Until I start talking, I’ll never know.


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