Obtaining time to make direction

The driver is conscience, the awareness is time,  the need is direction, the time is now for the need to be consciously fulfilled with an answer. It will have to come from beyond to enter within the presence of this time, at a point where we meet in knowing which direction to take. To go beyond in time with sense and some form of order. Does that make sense? If not try going with it for the experience of learning something new, if you like.

The reality of working out direction for the self, the I with the eye of the beholder. Let me study I, the me, the self for this experience to learn within and share also for others to learn. I am in reality a single parent, with 2 children under the age of 12, it is very important that I have direction of where I am going, for I am leading them in life to learn from my example in being. As a single parent, my biggest issue is time, it does not come cheap or easy, I have to make time for the things I consider to be important. At this point in time, I made a decision that the most important thing is to work out my conscious direction in going forward. This decision was made in instinct yesterday, I’ve been hammering my time ever since to get some form of order. It is half term and I negotiated with my mother to have my children for 2 days; so I could buy some more time alone to think and hammer. The deadline is by tomorrow to know my direction for the next 5 to 10 years and work it into existence. No matter what is going on around me or falling apart, that direction will be my total focus in keeping me going somewhere on a track I can navigate around all chaos. There the outline is defined.

So where do I come from and where am I now?
I come from my parents and their experiences and lessons in working out who they are or were. I have a lifetime of observing how they developed working out who they were or became. My mother became a logical special needs teacher, it wasn’t a career she was really passionate about, she wanted to be an author, she has many creative and practical skills she’s developed. My father became an emotional director of common sense in business, he worked in the petrochemical industry and tried to apply ethics. It did to a point drive him mad. His background was in construction and 3D design, he was a very good negotiator in business and common sense. He was passionate about justice and education, sadly he was a bit of a tortured soul when alive. Although with a good sense of humour about life torturing him.

My background is in many variants of the arts, new media, eCommerce, eLearning and project managing technical and creative teams to work well in harmony for the end result. Insights and social awareness is my thing. I’ve ended up here after having children, becoming more conscious and ethical in business, quitting my job, getting divorced and wondering what the hell to do now. After lots of soul searching, metaphysics has become a natural passion and so has education, social systems, emotional freedom, and ethics.

Where can I go in a direction that makes some sense?
Written a lot of poetry in the past 24 hours to work this out, that is my thinking process that works for me. Been for a few drives to random places, walked, read, observed and pondered, made a lot of notes too, which I’ll try to pull into order and logic now.

The direction will be:  directing the teaching opportunities of the variants available for reading and interpreting data with emotional meaning, not numbers or logic.

How will that direction work and be applied to experience?
Being a director of teaching variants in how to see and speak more openly, also to read and interpret data with emotional meaning. The insight and communications are life skills in surviving all times when logic does not apply. There is no argument with logic, just an alternative offered in free education, to address the balance of varied human needs. There is a need, there is a balance that needs to be addressed and catered for intelligently, in these times of survival for emotional needs. Especially when the logic is falling apart socially at all levels and very much affecting people emotionally with their direction in life.

Where will I go now with my new direction?
Now I have my direction figured enough to make a decision of going with it somewhere, it’s a big open goal, the challenge is to make it happen for myself. There will no doubt be lots of failure in finding a route to success, that’s called learning. I practice openly what I share to teach in survival when logic has failed me emotionally. I needed some direction in my life, I now have it and a basis for directing the teaching of it to others. The variants are open in how I will achieve some kind of order to follow this outline of direction. But at least I’ve figured out some sort of sense in which way I am going forwards. There is not much more a person can do right now in such uncertain times.


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