Lesson in TRUTH

(Out of sheer need to create some)
eye-shut-openWe are what we are in seeing
The believing is in that of truth
Truth is a variant of change
Change is the coming of time
Time is the existence of change
Change is the variable of time
Truth is a variable of existence
In time we see change
The truth is we are blind

Time, change, truth and existence
Coming from beyond
How will we know until struck?
It comes from beyond
To meet us in time
Only knowing when we get there

That is the coming of time
Are we open to change?
That will be knowing existence
Open to a variant of truth
Always coming, always changing
Constant in an infinite way

There the truth does not lie
Being ahead of time to answer
We will never know
Until we ask to see more

Faith brings the answers
Running back from time
Calling for the knowledge
We meet later to know
Having to question first

In truth that we are blind
This is where we see
Our faith brings the answers
Knowing to question blindness

The truth reveals itself
Answering where blind
When we see the truth
We question blindness again

The blinking of the eye
The cover on the lense
Shutters and speeds
Always blind and seeing

It should observe itself.


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