To whom it may concern, or not

To whom it may concern or not, tis no concern of mine
The concern is of individual meaning to the self, the I
The I, being the eye of the present holder in beliefs
The one seeing through the eye of perspectives.

The processor of the data going in through the eye
To within, where the present being of I stands
To where the I, of the eye, will project out meaning
The I will project out meaning of individual will.

So to I, with my eyes from where I stand in will
My eyes provide the insight to my concerns
I provide the logic with emotion, to my understanding
What’s to teach me in standing over this?

My perception is nature, conscious of my own,
Conscious yours will differ from mine, or another
So from where I stand, that is the observation
To argue over absolute opinions is folly.

The opinion is based on reasonable understanding
It had thought, deep in processing the meaning
To lie to my eyes, with myself in delusion?
There can never be any common sense made.

Common maybe I am, with the eye of commoner
In the middle seeing all classes of mongrel or pedigree
The human element, far removed from mankind
I see Neanderthals parading as homo sapiens.

My concern is the logic of studying the I or eye
When it does not study itself in honest knowing
How can it know or read I, with emotional barriers?
That being the language I speak in without them.



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