Why being average is good

It may seem like a strange thing to say or think, but it’s more a deep philosophy from observing life. Staying in the middle and not drifting too far above or below it, something happens in nature, it finds it’s own level of harmony, like water. Not too far into weakness and not too far into greed or dominance, someone can swim. It is much easier to be ethical and conscious, aware of the temptations of greed, and the enemies and envy money attracts. Below average attracts dominance to prey on weakness. I could be both above or below average, there is a choice, I like being in the centre with people. It’s the safest place to find balance and happiness. It is also where a person can take cover, they can be honest, flawed, critical, judged, open, closed, involved, separate, they can be real. They can go to any place and fit in, learn about or from life. There is the most choice in freedom of being average.

A lone wolf can be average, they can talk to anyone on their level, never having to change who they are, they know exactly where they fit. They fit nowhere and everywhere because nowhere stays the same forever, this happens everywhere, they are the most open to change on their own terms. Forever is a constant of change, in the middle holds all the balance in keeping a firm footing. In the middle sees both sides of any story, alone, holding its own perspective looking out.

Being average is good, it was a conscious choice from observing weakness and greed. Power is a big responsibility, I never envy it, envy leads to weakness, why would I envy that? A power contained within is a useful tool for survival, you always know you have it when required. Then people don’t envy a responsibility you own.


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