Welcome to my school of thought

All my life I have lived in Britain, I am ethnically white and British too. My ancestors & recently deceased relatives have fought and lost loved ones fighting for this country. A Great Aunt drove an ambulance in the last World War, she lost her fiance in that war and never married, nor had children. There was only 1 man she ever loved and he died in the war, fighting for freedom. Every summer holiday I would spend with her in Liverpool, at age 80 she was still talking about the man she loved and never got to be with. They did it ALL FOR BRITAIN. Today in February 2017, I am witness to what they did it all for, NOTHING.

I’ve spent the last year and a half on Twitter, socially promoting different urgent causes, hard for results, all at Westerners in professional high paid jobs. All at data science, growth hacking, artificial intelligence, open data, smart cities, big data – these are the people who invent, design and create technology solutions of the future. Many will be British or European or American, I think there was about 4 0r 5 people who regularly supported helping each other learn. To them I am very grateful for all their efforts and will refrain from naming any names. To the rest, how can I say this? You are a disgrace to your heritages and the people who died to give you freedom and opportunity. But that does not compare to the calibre of parents within the crowd, they are the most disgraceful and irresponsible parents in history. I truly feel sorry for their children. I am not surprised childline is receiving 1/3 growth in calls from children with depression or anxiety, their parents must be totally useless morons. I’ve worked with enough in industry and I see enough when going about my everyday business. Usually on their phones, insisting that what they are doing is REALLY important.

Rather than get angry, I’ll just say it as it is. I tucked my little boy into bed tonight, he’s the sweetest boy in the world and I actually cried when I left the room, he has no idea, he’s just an innocent child. Thinking of the future he has ahead of him, the resources polluted, the wasteful products designed to break, the idiots promoting themselves with cringy smiles, the narcissistic selfie addicts, the preachers, trollers, Trump conversationalists and the general pointless garbage people talk. What is wrong with these people? Why are they so stupid? So selfish? So ignorant? So arrogant? So petty? So pathetic? So bloody weak? Why do they think I care about whatever pointless things they are pushing? Do they have any idea what it is like to live with their madness?  And I think of what to do, do I become the same and never forgive myself? Or just tell them the truth of what I see? Knowing they will probably ignore it anyway and go back to sticking their head in something intellectually embarrassing.

Trusting I’ll find a better solution for the little boy sleeping in the room above my head, sitting heavily on my conscience. Right next to the room where his big sister sleeps. If anyone ever tries selling God to me again, I may actually hit them on behalf of any God. Knowing already any form of God is all nature, look what they did to his world? I’m a human, any punch would not be in error of judgment, more reality hitting back in nature.


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