To hurt oneself…the logic

Honesty with oneself, a wisdom that takes time when surrounded by logical advice. Honesty is emotion and conscience talking in nature, it goes beyond logic seeing. Can I be honest with myself in conscience? Yes, I can see many things in the light of comparison and shade, when holding myself in comparison to other things with own logic. I can admit to myself I’m average looking, seen better and seen worse. Logically of average intelligence, in emotional probably higher. Definitely, I have an ability to see things others can’t see so fast when reading a situation, it’s called social awareness. Common sense grounds me, it is a strength. My temper is probably the biggest flaw, making for a lack of patience. Determination to understand counter-balances this flaw, with a willingness to learn from rash mistakes. There are things I can do others can’t, there are things others can do that I can’t, that’s ok. In the honesty it’s obvious I’m far from perfect, never will be, yet nature made me this way for its own reasons, who am I to question the logic of that? I don’t know why I was created this way, seems more intelligent to accept it, those were the cards dealt for my existence.

Now, if I were to lament over what I was or was not dealt, that would lead to something in emotion, hurting myself with pain. At that point of logical thinking, there would be no respect for nature, if anything I would be working against nature in harmony. Trying to understand why I was not chosen to be something that I am not, that would lead to madness. For the reality is I was made this way on purpose, the intelligence of why goes beyond me. Yet there is a connection to that intelligence in conscience, I have a conscience, for I can see beyond me in what else has been made consciously of itself. That strength in seeing things faster than others, maybe mine is conscience? For I can see when others are hurting themselves in not being satisfied with what nature designed. Not only are they not satisfied, they will shame others for not being enough also. I will shame another if it’s is not satisfied with me because I too can compare it to something that has other strengths. Conscious this is a hurtful act, but why accept someone attempting to make me resent nature? The respect for nature is a lot greater than any human opinion offering it’s version of intelligence, for nature goes beyond anything they know.

To stand back and outside of oneself in this petty relay of comparisons, there is something else to see. People are not seeing themselves in nature at this point in time. The honesty is not there, neither is the connection to conscience. What is there is a lot of logic about how things do and should work in nature, this is achieved through comparisons of seeing with logic. The result is people end up hurting themselves for not being what is pointed out about what they are not in nature. This creates a wonderful selling tool to market to them on achieving what they are not, so they can feel better for existing. Not an ounce of love in this act of selling, just barbaric control of human emotions. There is not enough that a human could buy to complete them in nature. Yet to accept their conscience as being enough to guide them on why they were created to exist, a solution never taught. As far as my flaws go there is one thing that saves me, I know consciously I can always improve my understanding of why I was created to exist. This is a power and understanding no one can take away, so long as I remain conscious of who I am and what I was intended to be.

Out of any love for humanity, this wisdom and learning is shared for free. To observe people hurting themselves for not being enough, then to kill other humans to buy what they need to be enough in existence, my conscience can’t remain silent. The truth in all honesty, you were already born perfect with the balance of being flawed, only nature knows why. Logic is blind, see it for what it truly is, a human needs healthy emotions to survive. Stop hurting yourself for others, they profit from it, that’s why the world is messed up. The choice is yours in will to respect nature’s design, it comes from within to see beyond the logic seeing. That’s why you have a conscience, you’re metaphysical, nature’s design is amazing.


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