What is a sane human?

An honest one, one that says exactly what they see without fear of anyone else agreeing to it or seeing it. They are entirely in control of their own projections and can see that everything they see if entirely from their own perspective of standing. For they can see all the eyes are different and will logically and emotionally see differently. Yet there will be points where the vision crosses and the perspectives will agree on seeing the same things.

If a human is not honest about what it sees, that is entering a state of delusion cognitively, for it is altering its own reality with a complex disorder of what it is seeing. When humans start agreeing on what they don’t see, that is the disorder of chaos. That will lead to insanity, for the vision of reality is altered.

When humans are not honest on a mass scale, that is an altered sense of reality that will lead to insanity, for the state of delusion will have to tell itself it’s real. An altered projection of seeing cannot be held permantly in the mind, it has to believe what it is consciously seeing.


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