Through my eyes

Without using pictures, I’ll paint it in words, the world exactly as I see it. I see variation everywhere and I see it hidden and exposed. The waterfalls, to the glaciers, the stars to the rings in puddles, echoing when rain drops. The sea moving in and out, it’s breathing. Everything stretches to the sun competing for light,  basking in its warmth. The fields sway when the wind blows as if an orchestra plays their tune. Ants march in line with orders, following commands as a team.

Every flower is perfect in form, there is not a shape that has not been designed. All the colours match, with textures and tone, so intricate their genius is unmatched. They come out of a seed or bulb, containing all the intelligence within. When crushed they make perfume and medicine.  When a tree is cut, it can make houses, chairs, picture frames, bowls and paper aeroplanes that fly. A tree has the ability to fly, when cut down, folded and pushed into the air. Not only fly, it glides. It can also make music, forming a piano to a violin or guitar.

Everything we make comes from nature, everything we are is nature, not one of us is the same in creation. I hear people talk all day, I see them promoting their news, I see people look at me, I see people lie, I see people tell their truth,  I see them smile, I see them hate, I see them ignore. I see them poison, kill, rescue, crash, heal, judge, shame, blame, accuse, make, mend, grow, paint, cook, dig, pray, destroy, read, discover, juggle, dance, entertain and love. I see a lot of things, but I don’t see them notice nature very much. I see them assume it’s just there, like it has no credit, it’s everything they have and need. It provides everything they are and can do, without it they don’t survive. That thing called nature.

Then I see science, I see some people created these things called atomic bombs and nuclear weapons, that have the ability to destroy it all in seconds. They call this intelligence and power and no one is shocked. Some people actually consciously went to work on the ability to destroy our survival, rather than thinking talking would be better? These people get certificates and awards for this intelligence. I question if those people are clinically insane and need locking away from society. Their minds are so dangerous, they should never be released into nature. What have these theories done to human minds? Blinded them with logic and violent education, if that is being human maybe we should not survive? For our stupidity is unforgivable and no sympathy is due. If it is rude to point that out, I’m the last sane human left on Earth, make the ending quick for I don’t want to see the results. I have no shame in being wise, nor being a woman talking. The science makes people sick in the head, due to observing how far it will go to win prizes of recognition for having no self-control or emotions. To conceive the idea and teach it on destroying or replacing humans, when it itself is human, there is something wrong with that human, it can’t feel conscience or nature. If anything it’s a freak out of control and people are scared to stop it. It does not scare me, I know it cannot survive for much longer. If it takes me out, who cares? I’m just a number. Those who follow it will be taken down with where it lead them to go. May it lead them, I had my say on feeling sense.

I’ll keep working on my version of science until I die, for I’ve accepted I have no control over what humans do or agree to. But never will I agree to that being intelligence or sane, neither will I remain silent on addressing it for what it is emotionally…disabled.



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