Every day a new threat

Saturated is the market on threats, well we all die eventually anyway. Debt threats, health threats, threat of offending, terror threats, acceptance threats, law threats, abuse threats, threat to the threat of giving a threat. Should one close the curtains now and quiver under the bed? Or be conscious that everything they do will upset someone and they need to control that? Or see the market on threats for what it is? SATURATED. I’ll conclude then that our existence is endangered and we may not survive.

So be it, what can I do? Become another campaigner for spreading news on the threats? Or talk to myself about some solutions in honesty? It will keep me sane to remain honest amid the campaigning on threats. It is impossible to take them all in, collectively they read that the world is falling apart and so we must repeat this. Why? What good will it do if no action is taking place? The market is saturated with horror stories, they bounce off the saturated minds. Those minds are not educated to cope with change anyway. The only thing that helps those minds is to offer a solution to the threats. Yet any solution offered has risks of failure, nothing is certain.

When I remain honest I remain conscious, the things I want to remain honest about are risky because they are all about the threats. If I were to bring someone into my consciousness on taking risks it would not be fair nor ethical. For I know how far I want to go and it doesn’t have a limit, only ethics to guide it to a boundary. So it is more ethical to speak to and for myself, allowing anyone the freedom to follow if they so choose. Then they can’t be blamed for what I do or say. The responsibility for what I deliberately create is entirely on me. The responsibility for what their will chooses to do or say is entirely on them.

What I share in honesty is that I am conscious of the threats and this is the way I cope, by remaining conscious and honest, then they don’t saturate my mind with fear. It is a version of sanity and self-protection to keep my mind sane, yet viewing reality at the same time. It works like mirrors through a camera lense, what I see I talk about in honesty, then I detach from the view of what I see, then I give my own perspective to the view from where I stand. It is a mirror-back through the lense of seeing. The view comes in, it is assessed, it goes back out again, having been processed for accuracy from my perspective of reading. It becomes my version of reality, when honest with myself I know it is different from how anyone else will see it. Yet there will be others who see close to what I see and others who don’t. That is the spectrum of seeing reality. If I were to take drugs to make me see the same as everyone else, that is reality lost. That is what I fear in honesty, that reality is being lost to the threats in making them all want to see the same. It is utter madness to control or even think about organising, hence detaching in the wisdom of offering honesty and how it works for seeing reality from one’s own perspective.


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