A pattern that happens often in the field of observation

I’ve been accused many times in my life of being deluded or lying or just causing trouble, those accusations have been fired with a lot of anger. Then followed by verbal attacks on my character, honesty, looks, personal situation, gender, colour, beliefs, material status, relationship status, personal circumstances and age. Only to have the same people later come back to me with either an apology or a casual laughing it off with “we all make mistakes”. Great, thanks a bunch.

Maybe these people should recognise that I can see faster than them and in more detail? In fact, I’ve spent many years educating myself via the arts to observe accurately and in detail with speed. To look at objects, situations, and phenomena in depth, to question in detail how they form and are made up. It is not a case of wanting to be a ‘know it all’, it is a case of being a scholar of the observation. If a person learns the arts properly they should have good instincts for reading a situation quickly and accurately, in order to capture what they are seeing at speed. An artist is not just someone who can draw accurately at speed what they are seeing before them, an artist is quick at observation and capturing much detail. How they record that detail varies according to their emotional, logical and physical abilities. I don’t like to call myself an artist, or a scientist, for I am somewhere between the two consciously. But I do learn via observation, the more I learn, the faster I get at observing. The skill increases in exactly the same way that an athlete works out, they become stronger in their field of discipline.

Yet the field of observation is not actually recognised for what it is. The field is insights, not just analysing data for insights. It is observing data from many different inputs in nature, in order to build a clear bigger picture from all the detail harvested from a wide range of inputs. The bigger picture offering insights will then be more accurate. It should not offend people or upset them, my eyes are merely a camera and my brain the processor of the insights. I do have the ability to detach from what I am seeing and still apply my own personal interpretation. Observing is a skill, sometimes it does take time to catch up to the speed of what someone else is seeing, especially if they have been trained to record detail at speed. This is something we really ought to be teaching in schools, we all record observations at different speeds, with different lenses and varied focus. We never all see the same, there are only outlines, shapes & general details we see in common, we have to point out the specifics of what we capture in honesty and awareness. Otherwise, no one will see them, we will all think that we see the same. We do not.


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