What’s happening in the EU? Part 2 of instinct-led learning

I wrote a lot on Twitter in the past 24 hours, using professional tags intended for human progress. Those being #opendata #smartcities #bigdata & #ai. Those are my natural interests in progress for humans via that social platform, intended for connecting humans via shared interests of intelligence. No doubt I will have infuriated some humans for my compulsions to expand my will to be heard. I am within my rights to do so within anything deemed a democracy, they are well within their rights to block, mute, ignore or listen, should they choose to do so. It is called ‘free will’, it does exist and is a human right. I also respect their wishes, should they choose to switch off from or connect with anything I say.

It has reached a point where I barely look at who follows or unfollows, for I can’t emotionally read their reasons for connecting in the first place. Those who want to judge can, why would it affect me? Wise enough to know better than to be that petty, small-minded or prejudice as I age. Instead, I’ve taken to simply talking as consciously as one can in trying to get their points across, about what is important to them. It means nothing more than this. No one really knows of metaphysics nowadays, no one really teaches it seriously or values its input for smart ethical conclusions, based on an emotional reading of phenomena. If I don’t put awareness of its value out there, who would even know of its insights?

My only wish when learning at school was to have a decent teacher, to inspire my natural gifts. Sadly no such teacher existed, I’ve always had to teach myself anything I wanted to know, that satisfied my curiosity with an in-depth explanation. One that never breaks when tested.  When it doesn’t break, it is closer to being accurate. Most theories break when put to the test if questioned thoroughly.

That is the logical and emotional reasoning for such an approach….back to the self-led learning…Part 2

Before releasing the break-down analysis of the Farmers Weekly magazine, dated 20th January 2017, it made sense to stop with progress and go back to history. There were holes in the logic of continuing with studying the present, for it emerged I was conscious of my own ignorance. That ignorance being cultural, Spain and Russia, these cultures were never taught thoroughly at school. In the present, Spain is one of Britain’s main suppliers of tomatoes and many salad related imports. It emerged they have been suffering from severe flooding for over 2 years affecting their environment, economy, and ability to produce exports that importers rely on for survival. It also emerged they are getting no assistance from Britain and Britain is offending their leaders culturally via press & open debates with total arrogance. Britain is barely reporting on what happens in Spain via their media, yet are heavily reporting on EU arguments to remain or leave?

Next emerged issues with Russia, tangled in this breakdown in communications with Spain. Russia has been suffering economically. The EU imposed economic sanctions on Russia’s banking, oil and defence sectors over its annexation of Crimea in 2014, and support for eastern Ukrainian separatists. Ukraine is not part of the EU, relations are currently shaped through the EU Neighbourhood Policy. Ukraine is a priority partner, however, Russia is a force to be reckoned with in making such alliances or enemies?  How did relations get so bad in history that the EU must absorb all conflicts without asking the public of the EU whether they wish to get involved? Britain has enough issues to resolve with what our government historically did to Africa, Nigeria especially first. There is a long list of priorities and human rights abuses in loyalty that comes before Ukraine. Ukraine is a new issue being absorbed, creating more complexity, on top of unresolved human rights issues. Not that I don’t think the EU should help, the people that require urgent help need to be prioritised appropriately within some form of fair democracy. This is not a democracy, this is some form of muted dictatorship assuming the public are too daft to decide for themselves.

Russian government decided on Wednesday 29th June 2016 to prolong a ban on EU imports from August, until the end of 2017, in RETALIATON for the EU sanctions over Ukraine. This all coincides strangely with the Brexit? Also with Britain being blamed for affecting the EU trading slump, in our selfishness to want to leave. Yet we were asked if we wanted it, with 2 strong campaigns going to make us choose. Both campaigns we’re playing on different emotional cards to win the vote. There was no easy or clear debate, it was in or out, a tough choice of repercussions either way. The choice was, which would be better in the long run? THERE WAS NO MENTON OF THIS EMBARGO & SANCTIONING, I’ve only found it through instinctual research because I want decent answers.

“Within the result of this embargo and economic sanctions divide, trade between Russia and the EU dropped by over $180 billion between 2013 and 2015.”

“Together with slowing Chinese demand, Russia’s embargo has put pressure on an already struggling EU agricultural market.” – EurActiv  – source


The EU-Russia trade war has severely impacted the Russian economy, with food prices increasing and quality declining. Exactly the same is happening in the UK, our NHS is severely suffering the consequences due to our economic hardship. Pan-European farmers are claiming that after the Russian ban, EU farmers and agricultural cooperatives lost their main export market overnight worth €5.5 billion!

Russian culture is win-lose, never win-win. This is lose-lose in order to win honour for being dictated to, they will absorb the hardship with pride, it is part of their culture to do so. As I have learned from studying their culture now. EU should and maybe does know this, result is everyone else must suffer within the EU for helping Ukraine, even though they are not part of the EU? Also, no one within the EU is openly talking about this on a large scale? Neither is the media. If you really want a true account, my neighbours on the left of my property are from Ukraine, both speak excellent English, they sent their daughter to the same school as mine, she did not speak a word of English on her first day. They said “she’ll pick it up” – the teacher had to show her flashcards to get her talking English, which meant she was not teaching the rest of the class. Paying taxes does not mean you can abuse the benefits of education they allow. If you want a private education in the UK you must fund it yourself, as I informed them. It did not go down well. This kind of abuse is everywhere in the UK, I hold no prejudice towards them when so many do it.

To be extended further – needing to break this up into smaller chunks. Part 3 will follow.


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