The packaging BLEEDS, even with technology wrapping it


In an attempt to communicate to humans beyond only seeing money as sense, I’m reduced to showing a bag of defrosted meat bleeding. Why? The mirror – back relay to the delusion that seems to happen in the human brain, when too much logic is applied to how it learns, functions & lives for progress. This is in no way blaming humans or indeed Westerners for the education they share, it is an attempt to reach out to their better judgment to wise up quickly and see.  Sadly shock treatment is the reduction communication comes to when they are so distracted in their environment by media.

The meat in the bag came from a cow, the cow might have been slaughtered and reared in terrible conditions to keep prices low on the meat. The meat was frozen by technology developed to keep it edible for longer. The bag is made of plastic, oil is used to create plastic,  a supermarket giant brand packaged the cow, they do not study nature, they are interested in profits via selling food. A farmer reared the cow & slaughtered it, they will give the cow all sorts of drugs to keep it free of disease for human consumption. The government has been reduced to assisting farmers with their farming, the supermarket giants keep squeezing down their profit margins to make more money. Farmers have a labour intensive job, they have to constantly tend nature to create yields, there are no days off in their business.  The profits keep being reduced in this model, the running costs keep increasing, reaching a point of why should they bother? Pretty much how I am feeling right now.

I have two dogs, brother and sister, they are 18 months old. They are domestic pets, but I also use them to study behaviour in nature.  Constantly running ethical experiments on them to learn. I don’t have a lab, nor do I receive funding for my self-taught studies. I also learn empirically and am against inhumane animal testing that inflicts cruelty on the animal. However I do eat some meat and they require meat as part of their natural diet, they are hunters in nature. It would be cruel to deny them what they naturally go after.  They have been tested with all kinds of food available for them, plus alternatives to see how it affects their behaviour. Tinned & dry dog food makes them more aggressive & addicted in studies. The frozen meat defrosting was left on the side too long, due to my human error and blindness in distraction. I have been too busy studying human cultures in order to understand cultural blindness that exists today via media propaganda.  Such blindness and education leads to war in history, it has a definite pattern, that pattern is trending right now, it is distracting me with studies. The result, I neglected my dogs in nature of being human.

The meat bleeding through the packaging was the sign needed to be conscious of my actions & awareness. Should I leave the blood unattended and the meat it will start to harbor disease in my environment. My dogs will also starve from neglect, last night I gave them tinned food to save time, this morning they are being more aggressive towards each other. I don’t even know if the meat is ruined now, I’ll have to open the bag to smell it in nature.

This is the conscious awakening to my human actions.


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