Instinct led learning – What’s happening in the EU economy? Part 1

With a cash-strapped limited budget & time, this morning I headed out to get some real-time accurate data, to try and understand the bigger picture of what is happening within the EU. Also to evaluate what is not being recognised as newsworthy by mainstream media. Over the past few years of researching, I’ve developed a local network of alternative suppliers offline in addition to online research. With all available, the following was sourced to gauge some credible insight & understanding. This was all collated from Hampshire, approx 40 miles outside of central London. Total spend was £90 plus petrol.

The presentation is terrible quality, but it’s only for demo purposes, the important part is going through it all quickly to extract the core meaning. Which I will do next, starting with the Farmers Weekly journal that is the latest EU insight, leading on from the flooding in Spain affecting salad exports to the UK. UK is now apparently importing emergency salad crops from USA. Even though the EU has a ban on GM crops, which USA does not have. The idea is to hack through agriculture industry media as a starting point. Also aware my history knowledge of Spain is poor, so I found what I could to understand the culture more.



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