Young dreams & the key to success

Returning to the key for unlocking a mind in crisis mode of what to do…Conceiving a vision – looping back on visiting the theory and vision to expand it further in consciousness.


Where to travel next from lessons learned in experience? ….Going back in time.

As a hot-headed 20 something I thought it would be easy to make it to the top, in some ways it was, all you have to do is hit targets and wangle a way up the ladder. Connect with the right decision makers and give them what they are looking for in an employee. That part is easy, the tricky aspect is finding a job you love that makes all the effort worthwhile. Sometimes the money just isn’t enough, depending on how much a person loves money. Although money is necessary in order to do things. It all costs one way or the other.

I’ve even tried running my own business, dealing with employees was something else. The personal issues take up so much time and ended up making me feel more enslaved in responsibility to them, over the desire to be running the business. The bickering between personality clashes, the outside friendships that form, then fall apart and enter the business space. I became more interested in the phenomena of the nature of human systems than in running a business within an economic system.

‘Finding the job you love’, this is hard if you don’t know what you want to do, haven’t found your niche or lightning bolt of inspiration. There have been many things I’ve wanted to try and have, yet never right as a long-term fit. People have said “it’s about paying the bills, not teenage dreams”.hmmm. Is it? How uninspired and defeatist.

The teenage dreams were there, they all got tested, not one was as I had expected it should be. The only satisfying job has actually been becoming a mother, it was unexpected and arrived when 26, straight after the honeymoon. It’s the best job because it’s interactive, challenging, constantly changing and it runs in line with nature. There is so much to learn, understand, overcome, manage, problem solve, juggle and succeed in. Fascinating watching someone you love evolve and find out who they are and what they are not. Most importantly who they want to be, their will is the most intriguing aspect of interpretation. Both my children say they are my social studies, but don’t mind, I’m learning who they are. They have already learned who I am, in fact, they taught me. The empirical learner.

In 11 years of learning in this job, the best lesson has been not to have expectations of outcomes. Yet still to dream of new experiences, having faith the outcomes will be worth conceiving a dream. For the dreams push the boundaries of experience, that is all someone can hold on to in allowing the experience to unfold. The visions keep changing as the experience unfolds, conscious of the changes being signs of gaining wisdom. The wisdom is the lesson from taking the risk in daring to dream. It flows ever so naturally when fear is removed. Fear is the constant removal I make from my experiences; so I may experience more wisdom. Learning insights of wisdom is my true dream job, there are always risks involved. I guess I’ll always have to dream bigger if the wisdom is to expand. Fear will have to be removed.


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