The scene of self-learning education

Taken today….the scene of independent self-learning education. Follow up to my twitter points on education and my generation in real-time. Here is an open case study to learn from.

sceneofed-1Come dine with me, for I know the price of living. The single parent cost of doing it for yourself on a tight budget, in limited time. The balance is in the education extracted from what can be purchased at the best possible price, delivered via the most effective strategy possible to manage team needs.

The food on the plates is designed for children, it also has lessons to teach about nutrition, wastage, gratitude and balanced ideals. The low fat yogurts were half price, so were the oat bars. The apples are about to go off, so they need eating. The water is from the tap, but chilled in the fridge, we’re recycling from when we could afford mineral water. The flowers were reduced and sourced from various suppliers en route to other places. The mirror they sit on was free, someone else was going to bin it. The candles are scented and cost 40p each. Yet the table still holds standards despite the budget.

sceneofed-2After the children, the dogs follow in social rank, within this scene. They have been trained with time and care to sit and wait with manners before they are fed. Until they sit and wait, without pushing or jumping up, they don’t get a thing. If they go to each other’s bowls, upsetting the other, trying to steal food, it is taken away, we start again. For those are the rules of the house.

sceneofed3Next, there is the laundry, in and out circulating, the folded to go away, the latest drying. It doesn’t do itself, school clothes are yet to be done before Monday. These are only the casual day and bed clothes. Bedding also needs changing today.

To the top of the radiator area, zoomed in, you sceneofed-3may notice the decorating is work in progress, aspirations and will are there to complete it as soon as possible. It is on the list of priorities. The sofas as also due for an up-cycle, they are not exactly inspiring or stylish. They too were purchased 2nd hand.

On the floor are accounts & urgent correspondence laid out, in a free accessible space to see them all and deal with them in a timely manner. Also to problem solve how to resolve them. Most of these letters will involve phone calls, waiting times to get through, then only to find the department is wrong, or there is a helpful website somewhere I can find all the answers to my questions.
I guarantee the website will have no answer and ask me to call a number, then I will go around the system again. Or I can chat with someone online using the website, but there will be a wait to talk to them.

Then cleaning & staples, goody, being environmentally and cost conscious I buy in bulk for this glamours task. The containers hold white vinegar, the cost is £9.50 for 6 months worth of materials. My habitat has very chalky water that creates limescale, lots of it. So cleaning products are mixed and made by hand, white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. Disinfectant is purchased at the supermarket. The box contains 15KG of British oats. These oats are organic and are mixed into the diets of both canine and human dwellers at the residence. Cost = £15 for 1 month’s consumption.


Music, media & entertainment department, the frame surrounding the digital material was made by me. I’m also a qualified picture framer, restorer & gilder, these skills are handy for creating unique products. We do not subscribe to the BBC anymore, nor do we watch mundane television with advertising. Instead, there is a large selection and choice of educational alternatives to choose from. From comedy, to drama, romance, history, world cinema, popular culture, art, independent releases….it’s all there and growing.

Both children have laptops and the printer is both a photocopier and wireless. Printing is limited to school work, external learning, business and special requests. No wastage, as the budget is not there, neither do we waste resources.

sceneofed-7Next is my pride and joy of curation, the independent and rare media library I’m cultivating. This has taken 6 years to build and lovingly source, all from random and expected places too. There are books in this collection that are limited print and not easy to find. They may mean nothing to someone else, to me they are my freedom of knowledge.

The small selection shown is nothing compared to the scale of books in the house. This part is awaiting a space to be constructed for accessing, as shown in the next picture. The bookcases are again budget ones,  they will be tweaked to make them more attractive. sceneofed-8

In addition to this, there is food being grown outside in the front garden, consisting of tea, vegetables, herbs and bee friendly lavender. Growing basic food from seed has been really good for the children in learning how systems of nature work, plus self-sufficiency. It has also helped my daughter who has autism with providing horticultural therapy benefits. It’s currently winter, so it’s not looking so healthy.


In addition to this my mother is not too well, she needs assistance with living and is a 20 minute drive away, each way. She will be moving closer later this year, still wishing to live independently.

Lastly is my own art therapy program, this keeps me sane and focused and my creative and cognitive skills expanding. What I create is random, out of whatever I source on my travels. Here is the latest project awaiting some form of reinvention. That completes the education scene today. I hope it may be of use.



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