Divide the truth

ha | lf

its worth

Cutting U down the middle

Take the TR and the TH
turn them backward
RT and HT won’t notice… time

If it does, it’s a dyslexic thing
Disorder to the chaos

A 1 in 10 to 20 chance of failure

Mass the deception
A sleight of hand
Water into wine
Does anything sell that marvels?

Seeing is believing
What if the eye is slow?
To reading speed of action
In reaction to the charm
Is there a snake?

Logic is a witch
The burning kind
On sight, it triumphs
For the fast delivery
Of sense
To order
The disorder

Mirrors will make madness
If clouds of smoke disperse
Nature knew a secret
From the burning desire
A hazy coded pattern
The undefined form
Pagans knew the ritual
Long before these times

Smoke, it signals a T R U T H
A native warning
. . . _ _ _ . . .
Inspector Morse missed a clue
We don’t record for logic
Expression is a will
To pass a message on
For the next coming
Teaching what we learned

Nature taught us well
The smoke, it has a pattern
The ring cuts a hole in knowing U
It lies within a fractal
Repeating no T R U T H



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