Money in >> Money out >>

(4/5 min read)

This is the simple flow of how money should work for services and any form of progress that involves money.  Money in >> money out….and it keeps flowing with money in >> money out in circulation. It should work, however, it is not working and for quite some time now. It is money in >> money going out and no accountability of where it is going, or what it is spent on. It’s money out of control on services. Those services are crumbling, saying they need more money, but what have they done with all they have had invested? We don’t have any more money to go in and not come out and go back in? The money is either going down a black hole or being sucked into a fat bank account somewhere, lying about how it accumulated it all.

All I know is that’s my money along with everyone else’s that it has accumulated, still it is asking for more? Well, I don’t have any left to give or invest in something that doesn’t work for me in a fair exchange.

As positive as a person can try to be on a daily basis, today I am doing my accounts and it is hard to smile or be positive. I can clearly see I’m being fleeced and I’m not happy about it. Without expanding the reasons why, I already know, the research I  already conducted on the failings has been vast. Now I’m at the point of deciding what to do about it all. Anger was a phase passed through some time ago in conscious awareness. Now consciousness is at a point of realizing no one is going to fix this, most people have either given up, dream of getting rich, ignore it all, have insane ideas or don’t know where to begin. Who could blame them? But the reality is it’s not going away, neither is it going to fix itself or get better. If anything it is getting worse and the speed of failure is building momentum and anxiety.

This time around facing the issues I don’t feel panic, anger or anxiety. I feel will and determination, to fire towards structuring my motivations into some sort of coherent long-term strategy. A direction with a clear goal in mind, that being one of financial freedom, reduced burden, resilience and a career with prospects and usefulness. All within a system that actually works in its basic form and function for serving complex needs.

I do not wish to be sitting here looking at my accounts, dealing with people on the phone for hours, repeating myself like a parrot. Getting no level of satisfaction in outcomes, only to be pushed into a corner and dictated to that I have no choice but to pay for their mistakes, and somehow it’s my fault? Instead, I choose to share this experience with people who design the solutions that make systems work, and probably share the frustrations too when they don’t work for them. Is it not time we started doing something to seriously tackle the inadequacies, by highlighting the inadequate people who fail to communicate effectively? It is their job to communicate with their bosses on where things go wrong, for the people using their services. It is not their job to inform the people paying for services that they don’t get a choice in how they work for them.

They do get a choice, it’s time we talk seriously about designing alternatives, using ultimate technology that delivers fast solutions to open public services. For public services are failing rapidly and I don’t want to invest another moment of my time or money in them. They are due for collapse, let them fall, start the plan A, not plan B, we need an upgrade, we all deserve one. Am sure we can serve ourselves better with intelligence, the logic has to stop failing, the excuses are passed tired. We actually need to help ourselves if we want better quality lives.

Written on a day of dealing with public services failing my experience, the passion was cultivated from dissatisfaction. I hope it can be turned into a more positive outcome for myself and others.


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