Conceiving a vision

Trying to conceive a vision, when you have nothing to work with other than issues, no budget, no team, little resources, no back-up and no plan of how you will make it work? Projection must take place, this is my area, thinking up something out of nothing into a 3D world to walk around. In some ways I like the mental challenge, it gives me something to do and focus on, when there are issues that could easily drive a person insane. We all need a positive vision sometimes.

If I approach it as a project of employment, it will be easier to detach from even being involved or affected myself…..obviously I am…but will pretend I’m not.

Who is the client?
General public

What do they need?
Assistance and now

What is the issue?
A collapsing social system, nevermind the economy or politics, the issue is health and connecting care providers with patients & funding to the people who need it now. Plus quick solutions for those struggling to make ends meet, with no time to go through convoluted administrative processes.

Who should be dealing with this?
Government, business, grass-roots, social & charitable projects and also religious bodies and establishments. They are the one’s funded, supported & connected to supposedly deal with everything that falls through the cracks, into a net of safety.

Are they dealing with it?

Can they be worked with?
They are the issue in the failure, millions are trying to reach out to them to be heard, another voice won’t make a difference.

What can be done?
Start thinking of alternatives, don’t even think about what is failing. Focus on a system migration strategy, something simple, flexible, based on free will, small, manageable, scalable up and down, easy to connect to other things, independent, self-supporting, honest, reliable, in tune with nature. Start with a simple key, design a world around what it symbolizes and unlocks potential to.

What does the key unlock potential to?
Freedom and survival, it unlocks minds in crisis. It enters them into a new dimension of thinking beyond money. It unlocks them to nature, imagination, possibility, re-designing without restriction or boundary, it offers help untapped, views to a world not yet built. Exciting innovation, ideas being exchanged, new forms and concepts tried, experimental models, inverted logic, outward expression, colour, vibrancy and an atmosphere of new beginnings.

What does the key symbolize?
Unity, resilience, determination to grow, variation, uniqueness, offering, abundance in nature, balance, style, flexibility, duality, expansion, nurturing, encouragement, contentment and security. P E A C E of  M I N D, a little bit of serenity.

How does the key work?
You believe it can work for you. You ask it for answers to the things you want to unlock, it offers wisdom that will enter your conscious experience if you look for signs of answers showing in nature. Anywhere in nature, there will be an answer or something to inspire wisdom, this unlocks consciousness and the experience of imagination to conceive a creative vision.

Have you thought of an alternative for your client?
Yes, migrate to a system of thinking about the wisdom of nature, remember we are a very resilient species, we have the ability to project dreams and somehow make them happen. It’s one of the many gifts we have in nature. When we look inwards for answers, not outwards at the problems, it protects our well-being, it creates a space to conceive something new. The key is there to unlocking our full potential, all we have to do is have the courage to believe we can. The law of attraction will bring whatever ideas we need.




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