Dead money & perfection

Yesterday I looked into the vortex (or the abyss) and it looked back, detailing lines of code that signify it’s existence in observation. COMPLEXITY…..whirling, lots of elaborate connections to get lost in, spinning and dizzy from looking, it was time to step back.


So many lies and deceit crossing and tangled within that vortex from 0 – 2016, looking in as it spins in chaos from what gender is and should be, to happiness, to obligation, to perfection, there is no pattern left to read. Nature’s pattern is so covered in man-made fibre, connecting everything in ways that no sense can be seen in the interpretation.

I’ve quit reading how it can work.

Instead using a simple law of attraction that works for 1 coming out of the vortex and designing their own sense of reality. A small agile system that is interconnected in ways, but easy to understand for the one designing it to work for them. A cat’s cradle that floats alone in the vortex, attracting what it wants to experience in happiness. Unhooking itself from the vast tangle, letting it be carried off by time. It can take the dead money with it, new money can be created with ethical sense.



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