Is bullying ever acceptable?

(Reading time 2/3 minutes) OBSERVING HUMAN NATURE

What is bullying?
“Use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force them to do something.”

Can bullying ever be considered correct?
Hmm, there is a moral dilemma on this one, as there is with most things in life. It’s a power struggle of strength and weakness based on will to win. At certain points I have been called or considered a bully. With the word ‘bully’ being extracted from the significance of what my will is trying to win in a power struggle. It should never be extracted, it is a tactic used when all else has failed. Bullying as far as I am concerned is when all reasonable communication has broken down and it comes to making a decision between what feels right and wrong for the will to do. For the will always wants to expand in itself and its path.

When is bullying wrong?
When fairness is being abused clearly.

What is fairness?
Power is fairness, whatever something naturally has in power in nature and will is the fairness of it’s strength.

Why do I bully when I do?
Naturally my will is quite powerful and I will use that power to protect other things/people I observe are not quite so powerful in cognition, physical strength or will. If I see abuse is happening it naturally angers me, for my will gravitates towards fairness and unity. If I can’t reason with something more powerful to be fair, I will battle with it on occasion. I break it down with bullying, it has the freedom to try and beat me in return with power. Basically it is challenging authority over something or someone else wishing to be free. If something is more powerful than me I know not to try. No violence is used, it’s all based on wit and emotion to win. We are told not to bully anyone, but naturally it sometimes has to occur to balance nature in fairness, especially when the law fails so often to protect fairness.

Is power a weakness?
Yes it can be, for it exposes what someone cares about when they show their power of will. It can attract attention for others to push on the power to test it and try and break it’s will, to learn how it works and win power themselves.

The learning?
Choose your battles of will wisely based on what it is worth to win or lose them. It has taken some time, power, energy, wins, loses, broken will, regained will and experimentation to truly learn the nature of what this means. My opinion is that it is sometimes necessary to bully in return, especially as I am a woman with two children to protect. Rarely do I ask for help, I know my own strength. Both my children have encountered bullies, it happens all the time in nature, I advise both on different strategies, based on observing their natural strengths to fight back. One has wit and lacks physical power, the other has physical power and lacks wit, I think you do what you have to do to survive in as much peace as possible. The ethics are based on personal choice. Laws that govern nature will always have to take situations into personal account with open questioning on what equal power is. We are far from civilized, there is a long way to go.


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