Hit an honesty insights wall

I’m thinking about how someone could professionally collect honest opinions on personal social, political & ethical debates, while protecting the end user identity, outside of government and any professional or commercial body. The first thing that came to mind is surveys, without a data capture of personal details. All that is wanted is the honest opinion, who they are and what they do is their business.

How do you collate honest opinions for insight based on free will, without a personal data capture? So you can offer trust, protect identity and no fear of selling their personal information on.

Everything is geared to up-selling or data capture, I’m literally at a point of having to un-educate myself from marketing tactics, to move into conscious customer services. I have customer services, marketing, social media, research, art therapy, theory, philosophy, business studies, metrics and product management experience, yet here I am totally stumped in how to communicate with honesty without an up-sell?  Shocking and I feel ashamed. Talking to people 1 – 1 is fine for capturing honesty, but those are personal conversations, everything is said in confidence. Ethics really do challenge a person in the times of selling.


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