Have you been to see a doctor?

Can you even get an appointment lately?

Will the diagnosis even be correct?

A lot of credit automatically comes in assumption when someone holds a certificate to their name. Yet opinion changes all the time, the certificate only taught information relevant to the time it was given, people get older, they don’t necessarily keep up with the times of changing opinions, based on new research or evidence. Sometimes they simply don’t have the time.

T H i S   I S   W h E N   H U M o N   E R R o R   O C C U R Sss

“Opinionated”, “self righteousness”, “nosy”, “narcissist”,”preachy”, “moaner”, “deluded”, “trouble maker”, “know it all”, “bully”, “manipulator”, “victim”, “pathetic”, “racist”, “amateur”, “dictator”, “kid”, “scare monger”, “LIAR” and soooooo forth, now why would people not want to give an honest opinion today?  It’s not difficult to work out.

Why are people not naturally empowered to give an opinion?
This is the question I think of the most, what makes an honest opinion so offensive and worthy of abuse or shame, or even embarrassment? It’s just an opinion. What makes a professional opinion so convincing because it holds a piece of paper? Maybe it didn’t get a good degree? Maybe the teaching wasn’t of a high standard? Maybe they abuse their position of power?  Yet we are to trust professional opinions over an honest one. After all they get paid and are impartial and professional. Back up, they get paid. Money again, why does money equate to meaning good sense?

It’s rated
People pay a fortune and also look for ways to get themselves rated via social media, it’s called marketing. To stand out in the crowd. So much effort goes into being noticed, does as much effort go into what is being said for meaning? ….wondering on these points.


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