Accountability for injustice

(1 min read)
The variation in reaction to scales of injustice, between smiling because it’s easier not to explain and sheer incoherent anger that cannot be contained. What creates the force of reaction to vary between mild and overwhelming? Complex ones, it can be a rare occurrence of  injustice, or an accumulation of many small injustices building up, or one almighty injustice that is hard to believe. The situations and accumulations vary person to person, as do their levels of natural toleration. Somewhere in the middle is balance.

How do we create balance of justice?
We need mass opinions to create the balance of what is or could be considered fair to live with or tolerate. In the collation of mass opinions is the truth of the average opinion, only with the average opinion found can justice ever be considered fair. Sadly we have not found this balance so far today, people are scared to give their opinions honestly, for fear of that opinion being different. My challenge to that is where does that leave justice hanging in balance or natural order?

The whole picture needs to be viewed.


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