When did we become so detached?

We should naturally be picking up what makes us happy in our senses. We should be able to recognise it in other people too, it should give us joy to observe our fellow men & women experiencing joy for themselves. Yet somehow we think money, popularity, face, opinion, logic and anything other than just being natural and that being enough. It’s got to be rated and safe first, it needs another opinion to convince it into what it should know for itself.

I can only hold standard education responsible for such an outcome over will. It’s not natural at all. Tripping back over 2000 years in time, we were connected to our conscience then, we seem to have tripped up since. Very much in the sway of logic over emotion, asking does it make sense for me to do this? Where is the sense in that? Are we not sure of ourselves or own abilities? You’d be asking yourself if someone else thinks what you do is ok. We call ourselves ‘free’, we fight wars over freedom, in our own minds we should already be free to not worry what another thinks. Something has happened to detach us from knowing own wills, the explanation is needed if we are to survive as nature intended our design to be. We are beings of will, it is our will that makes us survive, to become detached from that in logic makes no emotional sense. We should be consciously connected to knowing what makes our will expand with happiness, that’s an emotional thing, logic has nothing to do with it.


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