The conscious flower picker man

(Reading time 1-2 mins)

This morning, I went to do something I usually do, buy flowers to match the mood and season of my home. May sound non eventful, but wait, there is insight here. There was a man who caught my interest, in the haze of busy shoppers unconsciously throwing things in their trolley. He was buying flowers for someone, definitely not himself, he was there over 10 minutes, walking around the big display and choice of cuts, colours, forms, shapes, scents, arrangements and offers. Picking up, inspecting, putting back, holding, sniffing, matching choices together, changing his mind, yet totally focused. Whoever he was buying flowers for he was trying to make the conscious choice of just the right message. The expression on his face was one of an intense child, really determined to create a masterpiece. I could not help but watch, trying my best to not seem like I was observing.

It was an occurrence that doesn’t happen often, seeing someone really connecting with what they are doing for a deliberate creation of making someone understand how they are feeling. He chose flowers as the way to deliver this message. Some people will simply grab a bunch on a petrol forecourt, little thought and pass to whomever they are intended for. He was different, he was looking at every choice, traveled to somewhere with a vast selection for a limited budget and tapping consciousness to guide his senses. Out of hundreds in the space, he was probably the most conscious shopper there and he stuck out like a sore thumb. Whomever receives his creation, I hope they value what it means to him. Watching him create it totally made my day, 1 conscious being noted on the planet.



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