It’s looking at you

How to’s for when is looking at you, can you see it is looking at you? It’s seeing you and your problems and offering to fix them with how to. The only thing is the ‘how to’ has never met you, so how will it know what will work for you? It’s a logical trick, when emotion is not reading for itself. If it said “this worked for me”, which is what it should say if honest, would people buy it so easily? No.

I have openly offered for some days now what has worked for me, have many bought into it? No.

Yet when I have marketed to people when working in the past, people have bought my ‘how to’s’, when honest people don’t buy the advice shared. That to me concludes they are not conscious of what they do or what they buy into. I wonder if it bothers them? For they complain when it doesn’t work. How long before they notice?


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