To see or be

(Metaphysics poem – observation captured in time)

In language of difference or difference of language
There is a fold
A mechanism
A charm
Swinging from side to side
The pendulum of truth

Ticking and tocking
Each village a murmur
A shriek
To the rumble of machinery
A fax gospel to spread

The photocopy of evidence
Wipe boards of blue sky thoughts
Vlogs smiling wisdom reviews
Flyers, fist to face discounting
With a pope’s blessing to kiss

Relief injected by silencers
Weaponry on route for peace (no talks)
Agonizing media taunts
Buy the ‘get aways’ placed
A ghetto of democracy selling

For the wealth of a 1% return
In the 99% of listeners
Tuning in tomorrow
For another repeat of injustice
The law, beating black with blue

Meanwhile the desk
The textbook approaches
Crawling with logical legs
Into the minds open
Eager to know how it works



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