My truth

I’m going to keep writing my truth, in nothing but total faith. I have no idea where it will go, at least my mind is free.

I have always doubted Christianity for how it is taught and controls. I believe science has no morals or ethics left. Businesses today are mainly about making money, not fairness.

I believe consciousness is a connection to creation and the only word we have for it is ‘God’. I think it is divine order in nature, not to be questioned, only respected as free will to live by, in a code of conduct with ethics.

As a human of free will I refuse to join any organised education or profiting against free will. Instead I choose to teach myself metaphysics as my calling in life, when metaphysics is no longer taught properly in standard education, based on how Western philosophers intended it to be taught and used, to benefit mankind in living responsibly and ethically in accordance with nature and each other. Rather live and learn from 2000 years ago than accept today is way of life worth protecting. Any money to tempt away from this choice is no temptation at all, in fact it’s worthless and so is anything else offered other than freedom to think and speak my mind.

There is no interest anymore in being an artist, poet, writer, scientist, or a business leader, there is only interest in inventing new ways of seeing to think freely in accordance with divine order, that being nature. It’s the only job I’ll take and will invent it for myself.

The standard education I received they can have back, the logic failed me, the certificates are worthless tat of utter mind controlling nonsense for unethical profits. Truly my education made me stupid and blind and was designed to make me feel insecure. Western education is evil.



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