Guilty Pleasures Are Gooood

(Reading time 1 min)

Guilty pleasures are sooooo good for you, not when obsessional but an escape. I’m not talking about vices, I mean sensory indulgence of the conscious kind. That thing or interest that might not be everyone’s cup of tea, your hidden love, that buzz you can’t explain that you get from a certain phenomena. That interest only comes from following the pursuit of a desire, calling to learn more about it. Indulge the experience.

Where to start? is an easy place to start, “the world’s catalogue of ideas” as it labels itself. Quite a big statement, but non the less, it’s an entry point into learning desires. For example my guilty pleasure is interior design and unique custom fashion, there is something about uniqueness that I can’t resist, the experience of finding something new invented. When feeling uninspired I turn to American & British homemakers, their creativity nourishes my soul in a way I can’t explain. But I know this guilty pleasure is good for my desires, when lost I indulge.

Why not indulge your pursuit of happiness? It is something only you can control.



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