Creatures of habit

(Reading time 3 mins)

There is much studied on human behavior, about our brains and cognition, personality types, happiness, depression and so forth. Did anyone ever notice that it’s another human studying? I’m dyslexic, I have a natural ability to project my thinking into spatial awareness and a sense of 3D reasoning. Literally I can look outside of myself and back in very easily. For those not wired this way, I can understand it’s not so easy to do, just as it’s not so easy for me to remain in 2D reasoning of logic and emotion for very long. It’s only a matter of time before I default to 3D projecting my ideas out & back in on myself again, in order to understand how things work.

How does 3D reasoning work?
Very much like a mirror, I project the world as I see it with logic, vision & senses, taking a mental photograph of a space in time, then I add all the details to that photograph of what I captured in observation. The 2D photograph gets details added, such as smell, touch, atmosphere and all the details that my total senses capture. Next my brain analyses the 3D view projected, for an accurate reading in detail of what I interpreted. That view will hang projected for as long as I can hold it to read sense. I can also pull it up again in the future as my brain created a mental record to access. 2D reasoning is very tiring for a dyslexic, they feel the need to project into 3D reasoning, they are very visual. Reading books is mentally tiring for them, images offer much more detail to read for their senses at speed.

What gets missed?
Someone who is not dyslexic trying to understand dyslexia will not see or think this way, especially if they are very logical, they will apply their own thinking patterns out of habit to assess the dysfunction. It’s not a dysfunction, it’s only another way that brains are wired to think. All it offers is another perspective to see and think from. I could think that someone logical has a dysfunction for not seeing and thinking in the same way as me, really I’m seeing they are blind to how I think and see. For they are not in my head, using my eyes or reasoning. I can project enough to see that.

Why are we creatures of habit?
We become lazy thinkers out of habit, too easily we fall into the delusion that people think the same way we do, often seeking out like minded people as friends. This only feeds the habit of becoming a lazy thinker, providing comfort that the world is as small as our group of like minded thinker friends. The reality is it’s not, the world is very diverse in thinking and minds, yet advertising also creeps in to make us all like minded. Out of habit we don’t even notice it’s crept in and altered our thinking or diversity. I don’t have to project to see that. Instead I’m mirroring back what I captured, hoping people can spot their own habits.


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