Did it get missed? The experiment

(Reading time 2 minutes)

Yes…when I write for an audience and write for myself, there is a difference.

Here’s the test of conscience and will. My last post, ‘Independent Seekers’, not 1 like. I have other posts with quite a few likes and various social media accounts that communicate in different ways…but this is my metaphysics study blog….for those interested in deliberate creation as a science and art.

What I didn’t mention on my last post is that on corporate personality testing I come out at nearly 100% for leadership suitability. Why is that? Balance. I have the correct balance of knowing my own will to get a job done without needing hand holding and I know when not to argue with the boss. In essence I get the job done with the least fuss and maximum insight offered from my skills. Plus an independent opinion with facts and no hard sell. Sometimes I’m the employer and sometimes employee, neither makes a difference to my ego. It’s the independent work that offers freedom, either alone or part of a team.

How can that knowledge assist someone else?
In the knowing, there are times to be led and times to take the lead, in learning the difference is when someone can benefit from leading themselves to where they want to be. If they hear their own will, it will lead them to wherever that is. Surely that’s worth knowing?


Why the test?
You’ll notice all distractions leading your will consciously after reading both posts. If you notice I’m only leading you back to yourself, my advice is you listen to whatever you say.


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