What did the omega say to the mammoth?

(Reading time 2 minutes)

“My dear I past extinction on my own merits, but why oh woolly mammoth?”

That would be natural selection, does it bear reasoning about? Hmmm into the echoes of time and the cold bitter past of judgment, in the race of those fit for survival.

The lone wolf, why is it intelligent?

“The social hierarchy of a pack is what maintains order, dictating who makes decisions, who mates with whom, who eats first and who eats last.”

How does it do this?
By one assuming it’s an alpha male or female, will and knowing its own intelligence to challenge weaker wolves to follow its order. It leads for survival knowing its own intelligence and will to survive. Instinctual and knowing, conscious of intelligence it will apply order, knowing what it has to do and gravitate towards.


Where is the mammoth today?
Archived, in need of digging up for intelligence on what it can offer humans about our own survival.

My instincts say we should look to the wolf, for knowing our existence and our own intelligence….the will is where we hold our key to understanding why. In that theory I’ll happily be the lone wolf.



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