Independent seekers

(1 to 2 min read)

In the wisdom of the crowd or following the pack, there is always doubt for the stray who wanders or wonders alone. What creates such a creature to do and want to know their own thing? Simply it’s will.

Can I put another spin on that?
Never been one to do as told, unless it made sense to do so for my own survival. Never followed fashions unless they made sense. Never agreed unless it was easier than an argument over right and wrong. Never conned someone when I can earn for myself. And never stopped listening to my own opinion forming. If anyone wanted criticism this is the way to get it. Do your own thing and attract much doubt.

But why speak of this openly?
The era, the zeitgeist, the dogmas, propaganda, advertising, marketing, life coaches, gurus, preachers, impartial advice, political mania, street wise teachers, prophets of salvation…the 5000 distractions a day broadcasting to wills. B R E A T H, open the window to light. Gawk through the jungle of data flying, what can you hear? Nothing. That is called peace.

In that space of peace I can hear myself think, that is why I wander and wonder alone. At the back of the crowd I’m still listening, but not joining the queue quite so eagerly.

The independent seekers stand back to get a clearer view of what’s ahead and leading them.

Published for no reason other than sharing a different point of view.


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