Pet Cemetery With Ethics?

(Reading time 2-3 minutes)

Jurassic Park meets Pet Cemetery in the evolution of DNA science, cranking yet another notch on the ‘dare to know’ scale of horrors, for mankind’s deliberate creation. The idea of resurrecting beasts that naturally died out due to nature’s own reasons is not enough, no, de-extinction is presented as a viable & fluffy absolute theory for progress. Pause, this is real.


As if the world didn’t have enough problems to solve already, with endangered species  having their habitats slashed for progress…nuclear weapons, religious wars, depression, cancer, Trump trains etc…this apparently is cutting edge and in need of funding.

This is where science does indeed stress me to the point of mental illness, how can this be called intelligence? It’s intellect without a game plan, just a game of playing with intellect.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Is it exciting or dangerous and where will it lead?

What does the art  and science world think of this?

When will the two talk to each other to get some common sense?


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