Proud Moment

Reading time : 2 mins

To have sacrificed a well paid career to become a full time mother, the insight of being a parent raising humans is an opportunity that no employer can provide. Beyond any qualification or theory studied, the laws of nature unfold all on their own. Rather than teacher, I am the student, forever observing everything that has a will to survive on it’s own terms. This ‘will’ can be labelled many things, undoubtedly it’s creation is deliberate and self-determined to understand why it wishes to grow or expand.

To be removed from this will of knowing your own creation, is by far the cruelest uncertainty anything conscious can know. The instincts are the connection to knowing one’s own will, to purposely remove this connection is malignant. To know this connection is a blessing that should never be removed. Metaphysics studies this connection, it has been removed from common knowledge, I’m proud to be part of it’s return, for the purpose of knowing certainty is self contained.